Q:-Is it far from the nearest minibank?

A:- No, this is about 3 minutes walk from the apartments, right beside the supermarket. Most of the nearby restaurants take credit/debit cards, but it is good to have some Euros on hand to pay taxis or buses etc.

Q:- Should we take anything special from our home country?

A:- Yes, coffee! The coffee there tastes very different from European coffee. Either you like it or you don’t!!

Q:- Is it far to the nearest town?

A:- The nearest town is Herceg Novi. It takes about 5 minutes by taxi. The buses go regularly and are almost free. A taxi journey to Herceg Novi will cost 5 – 6 Euros.

Q:- Do we need to wash out the apartment on departure?

A:- No, this will be taken care of by our own cleaning staff at a rate that can be included in the rental price.

Q:- Do we have access to the Internet?

A:- Yes, Wifi is available.

Q:- What is the food like?

A:- The food in Montenegro is very cheap and you will find small restaurants everywhere. Most of the meat, fish dishes and Pizza are excellent. Personally We would recommend trying out the local foods while in Montenegro.

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